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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


All aboard!!!! Today’s moms wear so many hats and make it look so easy. Unfortunately, one of those hats might as well be a chauffeur’s cap. When you combine all of the many after school activities, dance classes, sports clubs, religious classes, play dates and other events, it seems that moms spend the majority of their time shuffling the kids from one activity to another. If you have more than one child, chances are you are driving to multiple locations in a single day. Those frequent trips make create opportunities for trouble on the road. Safety dad is here to help prepare moms for when the rubber hits the road and how to get from A to B with as little safety risk as possible. Follow our safety tips and increase your chances of making your trips safe and sound.

*Never let your gas tank go below half way.
*Make sure your windshield wiper fluid is always full. Running out of fluid in bad weather can cause a windshield to become dirty and this can dramatically increase your chance of an accident.
*Always travel with the proper safety gear. The items you should always have are a spare tire, air pump, jumper cables, flares, flashlight and reflector triangle. Familiarize yourself with these items, as you don’t need to spend valuable time learning while stuck on the size of any road.
*Know how to change a tire. If you are stuck in a desolate area that has no cell service or roadside assistance, you could be stranded for many hours or longer. The ability to change a tire can make a huge difference.
*Baby/Children on board sign alerts others to your family traveling with you.
*Sunshades to block irritating sun that can cause a child discomfort. A fussy child can distract a mother easily. The consequences can be catastrophic.
*Have a fire extinguisher specific to automobiles. Learn to use this beforehand, as improper use can be extremely dangerous. Stand 6 feet away from fire as spray is strong and a backlash could occur if you are to close to the flame.
*If you are in an accident, don’t pull off to a secluded spot to exchange information. If you are in an area that is desolate and unsure of the other driver’s intentions, drive until you see a police station, officer of other well trafficked area to exchange information. Too often predators use fender benders as a tactic for more serious crimes.
*Never pull over for someone flashing just a badge in an unmarked car. No real police officer would attempt to pull you over this way. Be cautious and drive directly to the nearest police station, firehouse or well-lit and high traffic location.
*Always have dry foods and lots of water stored in a sealed container that can last you a few days. If you are ever stranded, it is important to have these foods to live on. Having the sealed container will protect from moisture seeping in and spoiling your much needed food.
*Never turn around to discipline a child while driving. If necessary, pull over and deal with the issue. A distracted driver can have catastrophic consequences not just for your car but also others on the road.
*Never drive with a child in the front seat. Deployed airbags can cause severe injury or death to a child.
*When making long trips by car, leaving later in the day will increase the chance your child will sleep along the way. Leaving early in the morning means your just woken child will have lots of energy and increase their desire to get out of their seat and be rambunctious.
*Travel with many fun items your kids can use. Multiple items mean the risk of boredom.
*Loose fitting close also will make a child more comfortable.

These tips are not meant to scare you but to serve as a reminder that there are many elements that can work against you as soon as you leave the house. Safety Dad is here to make the trip as easy as possible. Have a great trip.
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